O Fruit Bowl Large

O Fruit Bowl Large

by Mark Braun


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O Fruit Bowl Large by Mark Braun - Hem

The O Fruit Bowl, designed by Mark Braun, is part minimalist sculpture, part temporary perch for fruits or vegetables. The bowl makes use of a simple and efficient carpentry method: a generous piece of oak or walnut is turned, and the circular motion is forever captured in the vortex-like shape, which is then carefully hand-finished for a soft and warm surface. Whether in use or empty, O Fruit Bowl is a superb aesthetic addition to any tabletop.

Designed by Mark Braun

Mark Braun

A widely awarded designer, Mark Braun had worked as a carpenter before studying Industrial Design in Potsdam and Eindhoven. He established his own Berlin-based studio in 2006 and has been working for several internationally-acclaimed companies, as well as developing his own exclusive object editions. Apart from designing, Mark also works as a professor for Industrial Design at HBK Saar.

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