Ripple Coat Hanger

Ripple Coat Hanger

by Klemens Schillinger


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Ripple Coat Hanger by Klemens Schillinger - Hem

Each sturdy Ripple coat hanger can hold several coats. Bigger families and those with considerable coat collections can readily increase storage capacity by using multiple Ripples in sequence to create a seamless, continuous hanger. Designer Klemens Schillinger was inspired by industrial corrugated metal sheets and decided to give his hanger a similar form. Each one is laser cut from a steel sheet and pressed into shape. A concealed shelf across the top provides a resting place for objects such as keys or letters.

Designed by Klemens Schillinger

Klemens Schillinger

A graduate of RCA, Klemens Schillinger used to work as a freelance designer for such companies as Airbus, RIM-Blackberry and Kvadrat, while gradually building his own name in the industry. Dividing his time between England and Austria, he develops simple yet well-thought products characterised by the clarity of form and a sparse of poetic charm.

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