Photography: Vadim Kretschmer

Rohi is one of the world’s leading providers of woolen seat upholstery fabrics and one of Hem’s most worshipped collaborators. Founded in 1933, the family-run company is a provider to the international furniture industry as well as public buildings and the aviation sector, using their own production and finishing methods.

Follow Hem’s Svenja, Head of Design and R&D and Isac, COO, as they venture to Bavaria, Germany to visit the Rohi Headquarters.

What makes a Hem Sofa such a classic for spaces around the world?

Svenja: Palo for example is one of the few sofas in the world that is truly modular for the customer. Starting with one configuration that fits your needs today, it won’t limit your possibilities in the future. It’s the sofa family you can grow with.

What’s so special about the new Rohi Opera Textile for the Palo Sofa?

Svenja: Opera textile is one of Rohi’s classics — with its distinctive texture and subtle color palette, it fits the Palo Sofa’s design just perfectly. While contributing to the sofa’s sophisticated look, it is also an extremely durable woolen textile of outstanding quality.

What about Rohi do you admire the most?

Isac: Rohi is a family-run, passion-driven business, with a strong focus on working with natural fibers and sustainability in mind. Together, we share similar values: we are serious about quality and never compromise on design. Rohi launches only one textile per year — but that textile is one of the finest on the market.

How does Hem collaborate with Rohi to ensure the highest quality demands?

Isac: All textiles produced by Rohi go through a rigorous quality control process at the mill. Instead of relying on external test facilities, Rohi invested and built their own full-scale test facility. There, the fabrics are tested for anything from rubs and flammability to resistance to cat scratches. They are just obsessed about the quality and it ensures us that our product will also be of the highest standard.