Photography: Adrianna Glaviano

For this year’s Milan Design Week, Hem created a unique space to welcome design enthusiasts from around the globe. From this special platform, we unveiled a range of new 2019 designs, including the impressive Max Table by Max Lamb and the Kendo Chair Family by LucidiPevere as well as our very first decorative accessory collection by “Supergroup” John Booth and Ian McIntyre.


In the picture: Last Table and Last Stool in Polished Steel, The Max Bench by Max Lamb


Located in Milan’s Brera design district, the Hem Gallery and Garden consists of a large showroom area and backyard garden. Max Lamb’s Last Table & Last Stool in polished steel furnish the outdoor bar, while the gallery is divided into four separate segments, each emblazoned with oversized neon signs and distinctive colorful drapings.

Last Stools in Polished Steel and The Max Table by Max Lamb

Superscene Accessories by John Booth and Ian McIntyre

The primary space, accentuated by a pink curtain, highlights Max Lamb’s latest design for Hem, The Max Table. At three-meters (118 inches) long, the Max Table is Hem’s sturdy and heavy “functional hero”. Destined to be at the center of any conversation, this versatile table is suited for every environment. Ready to host meetings in a conference space or dinner parties at home, the Max Table is sure to last through many generations.

Last Table in Polished Steel by Max Lamb, Kumo 4-Seater Sofa in black leather by Anderssen&Voll

Kendo Counter Stools by LucidiPevere

Kendo Chairs by LucidiPevere and Alle Round Table by Staffan Holm


A yellow lounge area gives visitors the opportunity to see new variations of the Kumo Sofa, in a rust red single-seater and striking black leather four-seater. Adjacent to the lounge area, a stylish workspace unfolds— an eye-catching juxtaposition between burnt orange drapery and the electric yellow of LucidiPevere’s newly-previewed Kendo Bar Chairs. Grey Kendo Dining Chairs also settle around the recently-released Alle Round Table, a first of its kind in Hem’s portfolio.

Kendo Counter Stools by LucidiPevere

An entirely different, immersive experience awaits visitors in the “Blue Shop”. Providing a full display of Hem products and catalogues, the Shop offers a comprehensive collection view, as well as the possibility to purchase online items in the checkout area. Spread throughout the space, custom-created Hem shipping boxes reference Andy Warhol’s famed Brillo Box. Serving as sculptural objects, these functional materials hint at Hem’s direct-to-customer business model.

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