In a time where emails, social media, and fast Internet connections dominate how we communicate we tend to forget. This tomato picking social event reminded me of what we take for granted. The event is a tomato pick, but the method of promoting and notifying people of the event has changed drastically, and not only physically and technologically, but financially.

There was a time most companies sent letters, post cards, and printed newsletters to communicate. At today's prices a post card mailing for 2,000 customers could easily cost up to $1,000 for printing and postage. A weekly or monthly printed newsletter would cost even more. Today those methods are replaced by emails, websites, and social media sites on the Internet. An entire year of Internet access, emails, and a hosted website today could cost less than one paper mailing, or a month of mailings.

Barb Perkins, at Vermont Valley Community Farm, talks with me, in this video, about how things have changed since they started in 1994. The Internet has become critical for them in doing business, and you can see from the numbers above that it's also economical, labor saving, and "green". Vermont Valley relies on the Internet to communicate with their 2,500 members via newsletters and emails on events, recipes, vegetables in season, and pick up information.

This was the first time I related so closely to a vegetable as I learned they also sweat during hot weather. This year has been a very hot and dry year in Wisconsin so a tough year for farmers, vegetables, and me during this hot humid interview.

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  • Ken Pyle says:

    Nice video, Roger.  I especially like the bowl of tomatoes and the way you make it speed off to the left of the screen as the video opens. It is amazing how quickly the world has gone from mail to electronic communications.  Hence, why the U.S. postal system is in big trouble – people just don't have the same need to send words and pictures via paper any more.

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